Usui Reiki for Pets


See description section below for all the fantastic benefits your pets can experience with reiki.

If you buy 3 sessions, save $5.

Buying 5 sessions will save you $7.



Pets are family and when they get sick its just as distressing as when our human family gets ill. Reiki can lend itself wonderfully to healing pets as they tend to be more receptive to energies then humans.

Why gift your animals reiki?

  • Reduce stress
    • Loud holidays where there are fireworks
    • Transportation to the vetrinarian
    • Disruption in your pet’s environment associated with moving or construction
    • Help a new pet adapt to an environment or new person
    • Pets that have experienced trauma or anxiety
    • Calm a pet that is transitioning from life
  • Relieving Pain
  • Strengthening their immune system, keeping them in good health

As much as I love animals, I believe distant reiki can be a greater asset at times then in person. With distance reiki you don’t need the stress or hassle of moving your pets. That means once it’s Cat paw against handdone they can just chill instead of being loaded back up into a potentially stressful car ride. They also don’t need to come into an unusual room with a new person. Especially when pets aren’t feeling good this can distract from the energy.

Please let me know what the name of your pet is, species, and preferably a picture when doing this healing done for your furry, scaled or feathered family member.

Energy healing can be forced on both humans and animals. The energy healer typically has forced the energy whether intentionally or from being poorly trained and this can cause problems. I will not force healing on people or your friendly furry companion. If I feel that they do not want the healing, I will refund 100% of your money. This utilizes Usui Reiki which is divinely guided spiritual energy which is safe as it accommodates your pet’s unique energy centers.

Pets are often more sensitive to energies then people and I’ve been instructed by my guides to not offer above 30 minutes of reiki for pets at a time. Where 15 minutes is just a taste for humans, it can be a full session for your best friend. This makes it an affordable option to keep your pet happy.

If you buy multiple sessions, you can let me know if you want them spread out one a week, or more often. However, if Spirit tells me that it won’t benefit the pet to have it that far apart or it needs to be closer together I will let you know. Each pet and situation is different. Sometimes multiple sessions are recommended to help your pet be supported through a healing process. Many people have found that in cases of trauma it can help to have a short 15 minute reiki session for their pet once a week as they adjust to a better environment.

When ordering a healing for a pet I generally don’t recommend scheduling. Animals are very open to energy healing and will naturally relax if they feel they need it while getting the energy. If you have a specific time that you train or exercise your animal let me know generally when and I will try to avoid that time of day. You can even include general time of day you’d prefer, and I won’t charge for scheduling.

The only time you may want to actually schedule is if you know you have a stressful event happening and you want the energy right at that moment. Such as a veterinary appointment, or perhaps a pet show where you want them to be more relaxed and perform better. Please contact me prior to purchase if you want this option as, unlike a human schedule, this would be very fixed and I can’t guarantee availability on a specific day at a specific time.

I will send an e-mail confirmation when I have sent the healing. It may not be immediate as I often do healings while in a meditative state and then do my e-mails later. Healings will generally be done within 3 days of purchase.

Unused sessions will expire within 6 months of purchase.

Disclaimer:  Please remember, just as with humans, energy healing is an excellent supplement for your pets everyday life or other medical care. It should not take the place of veterinarian care or medications for your pet. Reiki is a great supplement to both of these. Legally I cannot guarantee any results.  I will send the energy with the intent for the highest good of the pet.

Additional information

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15, 30

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