Why Should I Get Energy Work Done?


Glowing HandThe benefit of energy work is far-reaching leaving an impact on almost every area of a person’s life. Because energy connects the mind, body and emotions, blockages that prevent us from reaching our full potential and happiness. One way to address this is energy healing.

We bring our energy everywhere, just as we do our bodies, but unlike our bodies our energy is invisible to it often gets neglected. There isn’t really any social pressure to have a healthy aura. That doesn’t make it any less important though. We have energy centers called chakras which have direct correlations with different aspects of our lives.

If you are having a problem in a particular area of life, an adjustment to the corresponding energy center can help to create a potential to move toward a healthier state in that area. 

Even if you are relatively happy with your life and are in good health, energy healing can benefit you to help support your mental, physical and emotional health. Just as you go through your day and your body naturally gets dirty, so does your personal energy. Without energy maintenance, you can end up carrying negative vibrations from people and places, which in time can have a subtle to pronounced effect on you.

Because the body and spiritual is so intricately linked sometimes a physical illness will show up in the aura first. By working with illness that manifests in the aura before the physical, you can sometimes prevent it from manifesting fully in the first place. I have also had sessions where I told a client to mention something to a doctor, and while they hadn’t noticed any problems with it they found out they had an underlying serious condition. So while an experienced energy worker isn’t a substitute for a doctor, they can provide good supplemental aid.

It should be noted that just because no problem is seen on the physical level doesn’t mean that there isn’t one underlying. The energy body reflects the overall health and condition of the rest of the person, but sometimes an illness may only exist on one level (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) of the person.

True healing is when a person works toward a wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

True healing is when a person works toward a wholeness of mind, body and spirit. This is why I don’t just do energy work, I give what I call impressions. Impressions may be information about you aura or energy centers, but more often are homework assignments or guidance from your angels/guides. As each energy session is unique so is the quantity and type of information received.

These are useful to you because they give you something to reflect on while you walk your on personal healing path. Often times when we work on ourselves we may not get that kind of feedback that someone else connecting to us can. It isn’t necessarily a matter of how good the energy worker is when working on themselves.It is human nature to find it difficult to become neutral in regards to their own lives. Thus one reason to have an energy healing or drumming done is to help us to gain mental perspectives on whats going on so that we can take the critical right personal action it takes to become healthier.

Energy healing can have a more subtle effect on a person’s life. Those who receive attunements become conduits for healing energies may experience this as it is like having an energy healing on steroids in some ways because it changes and opens the aura to healing in a more profound fashion. Those who have received attunements may soon after notice serendipity. Opportunities will become available, and that which is not working will begin to fall away.

Even if the energy helps to bring positive change into a person’s life it is still their responsibility to act on it and bring it into their lives.

Those who receive regular energy work and/or work with spirit may also experience this. Even if the energy helps to bring positive change into a person’s life it is still their responsibility to act on it and bring it into their lives. Spirit that has your best interest in mind will not go against your free will. Energy healing will help you, and sometimes even deliver great gifts to you, but in the end there are really very few free lunches. Even if lunch is delivered, the person must choose to eat it.

The process of getting energy work done is often a very personal choice and depends on the person’s situations. As stated in my healing versus curing article, healing is a journey and a process and the client needs to be ready to take part actively in their own healing processes. As with all kinds of healing supplements, results vary. I have had people who have had amazing turn arounds in one session, and for others it takes time.

Each session is unique. That can’t be stressed enough. One session you may feel sensations and experience life changing realizations. Another you may feel the same after as you did before. Does that mean the second was less effective? No, because sometimes energy work affects a lot of hidden factors, or things far below our conscious minds. It is important to work with a healer that works for your highest good, not for the most fireworks in a session because energy work can create problems if done incorrectly. You don’t always need a bulldozer, sometimes you need a shovel, or in the case of an archaeologist, a paintbrush.

If I am working with someone and feel that the energy will not help them, I will tell them so. Sometimes you may not be fully ready to step into another phase of life, or take the actions to achieve your goals. Sometimes other steps are necessary or it may just not be the right time. You may want something, and think it is for the best, but in reality it really isn’t. This is where we need to trust Spirit.

When people come to get an energy healing they often have had many problems for a long time. While some will have immediate, miraculous results, typically there will be more and more positive results as the old energies are stripped away. Although it would be nice if energy immediately cleared everything up, root causes often take time to get to. People need time to adjust to changes, and thus why it can take a while to achieve the best results. I find drummings can often make the biggest impact the fastest, but other healing modalities I do can also be just as useful or sometimes more appropriate.

How Often Should I get Energy Healing Done and What Should I Get Done?

It is usually recommended for greatest benefit to get continual energy work due to our energy constantly changing and being affected by our world and ourselves. Generally it varies on the energy healing method. La Ho Chi can only be done once a week if the person isn’t attuned to the energy. Shamanic healings can be very in-depth and you may want to wait at least a month before your next healing. This kind of healing though usually requires a follow up.

Others can usually be done as often as you’d like for the most part. Just realize that when your energy field is being worked on it can be good to let things settle a little. Just because you don’t feel something doesn’t mean that it wasn’t effective. It can be somewhat like prayer, just because you may not get immediate results, doesn’t mean your prayers weren’t heard.