Animal Totem Reading


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Those with a macaw animal totem are often great communicators

Each of us are born with a total of 5 permanent animal totems which sit in each one of the sacred directions. These animals never change, so you will only need to receive one animal totem reading in your lifetime.

This is a highly personal reading that when reviewed through the years will reveal more “ah ha!” moments as the animals reflect themselves through your personality and life.

This a detailed reading that contains:

  • Each direction and what animal corresponds to it in your life
  • The wisdom of each animal
  • A picture of the animal
  • A final chart that visually shows which animal is in which direction

Very occasionally, I have mythological animals come forward as people’s totems that are not standard in some people’s world views such as pegasus, unicorns, or elemental dragons. I believe this is because they do exist on the spiritual plane and still hold wisdom for everyone.

Many are surprised at how they already feel connected to some of the animals that are revealed. Others may find they don’t feel connected to all of them or see their wisdom reflected in their lives. These animals are with you for life. Naturally, we change and grow as people, and as such, different totem animals may be more prevalent in your life during some times compared to other times.

Due to the length and complexity of this reading, it can take up to one week to complete.

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