Healing FAQ


How do I prepare for my healing?
It is HIGHLY recommended that you do not have alcohol 24 hours before or after your healing. La Ho Chi recipients who have ignored this have at times experienced hangover like symptoms when they had none before most likely due to the rapid de-toxification going on.

It is recommended that you do not smoke 30 minutes to an hour before and after your healing.

How Do I Receive My Healing?
If awake, it is best to make sure that you won’t be disturbed for the duration of your healing. Shut off your phone, tell other family members to give you space, ensure your pet won’t jump up on you and startle you, try to quiet your own mind. If possible, allow some extra time after if you fall asleep or feel like continue being in your sacred space. Sometimes people report feeling healing energy continuing long after I have completed sending you the healing.

You may use incense, quiet music, candles or anything else that helps you get in the relaxation zone, but it is not necessary.

I recommend having a blanket available even if you aren’t cold when the healing starts as some experience temperature differences during the session.

Your position does not matter. Just make sure you are comfortable for the duration of your healing.

Should I do something special after my healing?
One of three responses usually occur after a healing feeling: fully energized, zoned out, or sort of fatigued/not well. The last is a healing crisis. This is addressed in another FAQ below.

If you are feeling zoned out or zen, allow yourself to be in that space as much as possible. Healing continued after it is sent so try to go with the flow and follow what your body feels as much as possible.

No matter what your response, make sure to drink ample water after. This will help with any detoxing and is just a great practice for you.

Help! I forgot to lay down for my scheduled time. Did I ruin it?
The energy will get to you whether you remembered to actively receive your healing or not. If you’d feel better, you can let me know and I will provide you an affirmation you can use when making time for your healing whenever is convenient for you. I will talk to my guides and ask that any energy healing that you did not receive will come to you when using the affirmation I provide for you.

I have had some request I re-do the whole session when they have forgotten to make time to actively receive it at the scheduled time. I will not do this. It is not necessary as the energy has already been sent.

Help! I don't know if I received the energy correctly because of X.
Don’t worry. When I send the energy I make sure to talk to my spiritual helpers to make sure you get the healing that you need. So regardless if you were interrupted, got disturbed, couldn’t stop thinking about something not related, or any other issue it is okay.

How do I know how to receive my non-scheduled healing energy?
When completed, I will send you an e-mail with instructions. Remember, it will take generally up to 2-3 business days from purchase before your healing is completed.
Can you make an exception and schedule me during your hours your not available?
I’m sorry, no. I have done this in the past and people ended up re-scheduling several times, asking for other special requests and generally being unappreciative and inconsiderate so I must maintain my boundaries. Thank you for your understanding.
When will you send my healing impressions?
Healing impressions may be sent at the time the healing is completed, or it may be up to two days after. This is to ensure that I am properly grounded and centered to give you the most accurate and comprehensive information possible. Sometimes I get additional information days after doing the healing so I allow time for spirit to talk to me in signs as they will.
Will your spiritual healing cure X? Can you give me a guarantee?
Short Answer: Maybe
Long Answer: There are two main considerations when answering if spiritual healing can solve everything.

The first consideration is the involvement of spiritual intelligence. I believe that God, angels and other spiritual beings have the ultimate say in what happens. Miracles can happen. This being said. I am not the one that gets the final say in what happens although I can ask my helping spirits, angels, and God to help you but I can’t control them.

The second factor is that sometimes the best way for healing to happen is not directly or in a way that we expect. For example, La Ho Chi is great at affecting change in a person’s life in a more far-reaching way then Reiki. So maybe you suffer from chronic migraines due to spinal misalignment. The energy healing may not be able to fix this, but through a series of events leads you to the right chiropractor to help you.

I think it’s important to always maintain faith that anything is possible. Especially those who suffer from chronic ailments, faith can be the glue that keeps you together on the bad days. There is a host of solutions out there. Sometimes having that faith is what will make what modern says impossible is be possible. Miracles happen every day.

At the same time, not even the best medical professional or spiritual practitioner in the world can guarantee that you can be healed from whatever illness you have that is their specialty. I think that it is important to follow your head and heart when seeking solutions. Anything is possible, but at the same time it is important to realize sometimes improving quality of life is a huge goal in itself.

Undeniably, I wish that energy healing would always directly fix everything. While sometimes it happens this way, sometimes it doesn’t for any number of reasons that is beyond the scope of this question.

Can you give me a guarantee?
I’ve love to be able to tell you that I can fix whatever problem you’re having, but doing so is not ethical. I don’t want to sound negative or dash your hopes, but I firmly believe that not everything is our control. Spirit often decides how a healing will affect you and how much it will help. I will say however that if I feel like I can’t help you, I will give you a refund. There are times when I get a very definite feeling that I can’t help. Even if I don’t get this feeling I don’t promise any specific results and can only state what it has helped.

Any healer that promises you guaranteed results may be trying to scam you.

What will I experience during a healing?
Each healing is different from time to time and person to person. Some may feel nothing one time and have tons of sensations the next time.

Things some people experience: Seeing images or colors.

Temperature changes: Heat or cold that may be in just one body part or all of them.

Feeling sensations along your skin.

Extremely rare, and I can’t emphasize that enough as it has only happened twice in 20 years, someone may experience minor pain. I am not talking about pain you already have, or that may be due to body ache from an uncomfortable position or remaining still for too long. In these cases e-mail me after and let me know this happened. If this happens this is usually due to something deeper going on under the surface that may require further healing, different kind of healing, medical care, or a referral to another specialized type of practitioner. Either way, don’t panic just let me know and I’ll take another look for you. Remember I do healings asking Spirit to provide them for the highest possible good of the recipient.

If you experience pain during the healing try to breath and center yourself. If it is too much you can always state your affirmation that you are ending your healing session immediately and ask that any remaining healing be put into the universal healing bank for your highest good at a later time.

Some find their pets get excited or unusually friendly to them while the energies are being sent.

I don't feel so good after the healing. What's wrong?
This can be due to a benign phenomenon known as a ‘healing crises.’ This may include fatigue, light flu symptoms, or unusual mood disturbances. This is a complex topic, but usually mean there is deeper healing going on. Toxins and/or old emotions are being released.

Drink ample water. Eat healthy. Get enough rest. Symptoms generally do not last more than a week after at most.

If it is more then a week it may be another non-related illness. You may also e-mail me if it lasts more then a week and I can look into it.

I have had occasions where the reason someone had a healing crisis that lasted beyond a week is that they were verbally saying they wanted certain things to happen, but underneath they actually were denying the reality and impact of their own actions that were both detrimental to themselves and those involved. A counselor can often be a good outlet to resolve these things.

Try to be forgiving for yourself with whatever happens. Allow yourself space to cry or be angry in a healthy way if necessary. Try to understand why you may be feeling what you are feeling. If you don’t know simply give yourself space and have faith what is happening needs to happen.

I used to advise that client’s don’t take medicine to make themselves more comfortable. Now I say, do what you need to remain comfortable. If you can go without, then do it, but don’t needlessly suffer.

DO NOT ignore serious health symptoms. Seek professional help when necessary. Remember now all things that happen after an energy healing may be a result of it.

Is distance energy healing as effective as in-person healings?
I have been doing distance healings since I learned how in 2000. Repeatedly people have reported excellent results, sometimes before I even begin sending! I feel this is because before I do a healing I’m often thinking about the person and unconsciously sending a little healing toward them already. Some report that their pets have gotten excited or suddenly want to sit on them while they are receiving the healing when they normally would not. I love hearing about people’s furry friends who are wanting to bath in some of the healing energies and are a clear sign the energies are real and reaching the person.
What are the benefits of distance energy healing?
Distance healings are great because you can receive them whenever is most convenient for you without sacrificing quality. I find it hard to relax in an unusual place and sometimes the massage tables used for doing healings aren’t always the most comfortable. Nothing matches being in your own sacred space!

Some may prefer in-person healings because someone is immediately there which may produce a psychological benefit. However, some people I’ve done in-person healings for report feeling uncomfortable with them. This is often due to not liking having someone’s hands close to them hovering for long periods of time. Those that have experienced abuse or trauma may not be ready to have someone so close to their bodies and space. Other’s may find it a helpful part of their recovery. I list this as a consideration.

Is there any special instructions for Soul Retrievals/Drummings?
Yes, when you purchase a Soul Renewal Experience there will be a multi-paged PDF for you to download. I suggest that you read this before scheduling so you can decide how active with your healing process you want to be.

These healings are a special class of healings as they work so deeply in our subconscious. Although the same preparations are important for these for the client, it’s important to realize that these work on a much different level. Shamanic style healings dig deep into the spirit and can stir up especially sensitive emotions and feelings. It is recommended after a soul retrieval to spend time reflecting on yourself and your life. Allow yourself to sit in silence and simply feeling yourself, feeling your wholeness, and honor those pieces of yourself that came back. It is important to see your pieces as back and to not dwell on that they were gone but rather on your new wholeness that has the ability to help you find new courage, hope, or even self-confidence. For many, returning soul pieces is worthy of a celebration, and they do something special for themselves later in that day.