Soul Symbol


Reading only will be e-mailed and will take up to a week.

Readings with a soul stone may take up a week to and a half before being mailed due to drying time of paint media used.


Find out your person sacred soul symbol and use it to tap into your own personal power.

While our overall energies change depending on a variety of factors, at the core your soul has its own unique frequency, like a psychic fingerprint. This frequency can be expressed as a symbol that epitomizes your soul essence.

Throughout your life you may associate with different symbols, but there is only one soul symbol. Any insights or psychic descriptions I get while divining your symbol are included. The information that comes with your symbol may include past life information, how to use your symbol for self-healing, elements and meanings behind the symbol. Each reading is as unique as the symbol.

When you get these personal symbols use them wisely. They are personal and need to be treated with respect, just as you must treat your own self with respect. Many choose to hold them secret, only sharing them with a select few, although it is not necessary. These symbol vibrate strongly with your soul frequency, like a key to your soul.

How your soul symbol can be used.

Meditate with your symbol to help you connect to your own core energy and have your own intuitive insights. Depending on the purpose of your meditation you may discover new insights to past lives, abilities, or further unlock your inner magical potential.

If you spend time contemplating your authentic and core self while connecting with your symbol, you can begin to have a greater relationship with it. It can help your mind to connect to it, so that when you are going through difficulty you can use it for contemplation or meditation to help you re-strengthen your own frequency.

Having the soul symbol and meditating on it with the conscious intent to return to a place of knowing about your soul purpose you can help to center yourself and return to a place of balance.

When you are in a centered and balanced place you can:

Feel calmer and more confident
Act more decisively
Advance your Spiritually

Many use these personal sigils in their own personal spell or magic work, signing their own energy workings with them to increase potency and connection.

Possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The more you meditate and work with the symbol, the stronger and better it will work for you, because essentially you are connecting to your own inner power!

Soul Symbol Stone

Many wish to have an immediate, physical object with their symbol on it to carry with them, or meditate with. I offer Soul Symbol Stones infused with Reiki, blessed, and infused with your personal soul frequency.

Keep them in your pocket and hold them to remember your talents and powers or place them on your personal altar or in your medicine bag for reflection purposes.

Each stone is hand-painted with your soul symbol on a polished black river stone that measures about 1″ to 3″ in length or width. Specify on the PayPal order if you’d like larger or smaller, or allow me to choose one which asks to be the vessel for your personal frequencies!

Free Shipping! Includes a printed copy of the reading plus the stone.


Due to the extremely personal nature of this reading I don’t feel comfortable sharing examples of real soul symbols. Some are more complex than others, but each stroke is filled with meaning and look like complex runes.

Pictures of yourself are not necessary, but are extremely helpful.


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