Angel Wisdom Bit Readings


Many say that what you focus on grows. But when your head is already spinning from life’s often complex problems, how do you always know what to focus on? Daily angelic reminder notes are a simple way to help give you an inspirational keyword for you to remember and focus on throughout the day. Horoscopes or readings can be fun and useful, but they can also give you even more to do.

The simplicity of this reading won’t bog you down with more worries and can be a breath of fresh air when faced with troubles. Some use their daily keyword as a morning meditation exercise. Others simply keep their keyword in mind as they go through their day to see how it applies.

You will receive an e-mail with a single keyword for each day within the time frame of the reading you order. Before doing your reading I will take a deep breath, connect with your essence and find what keyword the angels have just for you.

For those who would like their daily angelic wisdom a little more filled out, choose the extended version. This will include one keyword per day and generally one to three sentences to fill out the reading more. This additional information will vary depending on what the angels have inspired for the day. It may further explain the keyword or you may get a suggested activity for the day such as to focus on meditation, nature, etc.

Please note that it is possible to have the same keyword multiple times. Many times we have several days in a row that may benefit from focusing on a similar theme.

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