Balance and Direction Tarot Reading


This is an extended reading and will be multiple pages in length. As such it will take up to a week to complete and will be delivered as a PDF so you can easily print it. It will be delivered to your PayPal address.

Please continue reading below for specifics.


Balance and direction readings focus on giving you recommendations on how to achieve greater balance in your life. This reading lists a card for each sacred direction and what that means for you. Each direction represents a practical aspect of life so you can get a well-rounded picture of what Spirit suggests for you. As I go through each direction, I try to relate it to the cards in the other directions when it is relavent.

This reading will have Native American-inspired aspects as I use Sacred Pathway Oracle Cards combined with my intuition to give you a solid reading.

This is a more general reading, but you can still provide general information on what is going on in your life. This way I may be able to get more detailed information for you because I can better interpret the cards and symbols I psychically percieve.