Numerology Readings

Numerology is a way to look at the world literally by the numbers. It has been said that it is a science and an art much like astrology, except it uses the vibrations of the numbers associated with the person to provide the information and so it gives a slightly different angle then astrology does. Using specific calculations from your name and birthdate, numerology can give you in-depth information on your personality and your life path. Having this information can help in decision making processes, and to be aware of certain tendencies before they can become a problem.

For each report please e-mail me or use the contact to send me:

  • Full birth name(s)
  • Current name
    • Please use actual name people call you, such as if they call you Sue instead of Susan
  • Birthdate

These reports make excellent gifts for oneself or others. They are e-mailed to recipient unless a hard copy is requested to be mailed. Because the reports in a pdf format, you can quickly print it off to give to your friend or loved one. All reports have the option to be printed and mailed to any recipient.

These are not intuitive or psychic in anyway. They are based solely on the numbers associated with your birthday and name. I can make no guarentee that everything will always fit the personality of forecast for the person.