Angel Reading


Purchase this reading to receive general guidance or guidance on one question from the angels surrounding your right now. I use the wisdom of the angels in all of my readings, but this allows the message of the angels around you to show through.

Readings are:

  • Typically around 500 Words
  • Delivered to your Paypal address unless you contact me with another
  • Delivered within 3 to 4 business days

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Angel SilouetteEvery day your guardian angels are attending you, bringing you silent comfort and subtle messages. This reading will help you to hear the message your guardian angels wish for you to be aware of most.

This straight to the point reading serves to gently remind you of the messages that your angels are trying to whisper to you in your dreams and everyday life. Although they are simple messages, they can be profound helping us to see where we need to focus our attention or be aware of the angel’s subtle influences.

The style of these readings are much like those found in spiritual life coaching and tend to be very positive.

What If I Have Something in Particular Going On?

For any of my readings, I encourage you to contact me before the reading and let me know a general background of what is going on in your life. Spirit does not always communicate in straight words, so I have to try to understand through a symbolic language with the angels and convert it to something understandable. By knowing what is going on in your life I can make the message more specific and much clearer. For example, if I know they are speaking about a relationship if I know you are having marriage issues or are dating it can help me understand.

If you have a specific question you should try one of the readings that involve specific questions. With the specific questions readings, I can use other divination methods to get answers and you are guaranteed to get an answer for each question you have. They are also a much more focused reading style and tend to give better realistic perspectives on situations. I use angelic guidance in all of my readings so don’t feel like you are going to be missing out on their guidance if you don’t order this reading specifically.

Please note that if the angel’s don’t want to speak on your question I won’t force it, but will, in turn, give you a message they do wish to share. As much as I wish I could answer every question, for reasons we may never know sometimes it is better for us not to know as knowledge can change our life course, sometimes profoundly, in negative ways, we can’t foresee. I do my readings for the highest good of the individual.