Couple’s Compatibility Numerology Report with Forecast


For these readings I will need:

  • Full birth name
  • Current name
  • Nickname if people regularly call you by one, this includes Sue even if your legal name is Susan
  • Birthdate

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Do you yearn for every detail of compatibility between you and your lover? Or maybe you are married and are just interested to see what numerology has to say about your compatibility. Either way this 30 page (or more) of compatibility information is both informational and fun!

Relationships can be rocky, but with this report you can get a brief view of each person via their numerology as well as head off any problems you may have in your compatibility before they get to be too big an issue. Use this report for fun and insight.

This exceptional report uses numerology to determine 4 key areas of compatibility between you are your partner.

Each section will include each person’s individual number, and the compatibility of these numbers in each section.

    • Life Path Number
      This includes your personal traits when each are born with.
    • Expression
      This number indicates how you physically and mentally express yourself and goes into life goals and direction. It highlights aspects of your personality and abilities.
    • Heart’s Desire
      This number talks about your motivations and goals that lie deep within you.
    • Personal Year Compatibility
      As the calendar year moves forward, so does the numbers. Here you will find each of your own personal year numbers, and how compatible they are. Your report will cover 3 years total.
    • Personal Month Compatibility
      This is much like the above, but gives you more specific details by month within those years.

This reading will be e-mailed in three to four business days after I have received the couple’s information. Mailed reports may take up to a week.

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