Reading FAQ

How do you get your answers?
Mainly I use my connection to the guides and angels to intuit information directly. I also often consult tarot or oracle cards as a conduit to clarify the wisdom coming through to me. Sometimes I do skip the cards entirely because the message is delivered so clearly without the prompts. During phone readings, small periods of silence means I am listening to the answer the guides and angels are giving me.
How can I best prepare for a reading?
Have a list of your questions generally in your mind ahead of you. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of questions, often times when I begin to read you will begin to have more questions or want clarification on certain statements as the reading goes along.
I don’t like what you said would happen, can I change it?
It depends on the situation, but I believe that some things are destiny and other things are within our control, it is just often difficult to know which is which. When I do a reading I am seeing how things will be if you or anyone else in this situation does not change their course of action. There is also sometimes where people have a choice in a situation and have not yet made up their mind enough for the divination tools to tell me what the trend is. If you don’t like the future as told by the current trends examine the situation and see how you can proactively take control of your destiny.
How much accuracy do you have?
Generally, my accuracy with questions is very good. No reader can give a 100% guarantee however on their accuracy. Not everyone reports back on how something came out.

I have had some people that have gotten very angry about a reading. Most times these people write me again in a few months thanking me for the reading and realizing how it was accurate or telling me how it helped. So realize that just because you don’t like a reading, or it feels completely false, doesn’t mean that it’s rubbish. It can be very hard to accept things when we want something very badly, but that doesn’t mean the answer is wrong.

Why do you not offer phone readings?
By doing readings through e-mail it allows me time to sit with your question. This allows me to choose a time when I am most grounded and centered so that I can get the most accurate reading for you.

Doing e-mail readings are also useful because it gives me some distance between me and you. This is good because often times people ask questions they are emotionally invested in. This can cause the psychic energies to be stirred up and make it difficult to see things clearly and objectively. A great metaphor for this is to think of looking through water in a pond that the murky bottom was just stirred up. I have also found that doing readings at a distance allows me to be more objective as well.

What affects your accuracy?
There are many factors that can affect my accuracy including my general mindset and health. This is why I will often wait to do a reading if I do not feel that I am in a sufficiently connected state to give you the accuracy you deserve for your questions. Accuracy can also be affected by how much little information I am given. Generally, I do not need additional details such as birthplace or birthdate, but the more I know about a situation the more it helps me to interpret the signs I do get. Left without certain details I do the best I can as any reader can, but this is why it’s important to read my answers with your situation in mind.
How absolute is the information you give?
When doing a reading, there are things that I believe are destined, but other things are not. This has to deal with our own choices which ripple out and can lead to changes. When I do a reading, I look at the spiritual energies as they are now and what is most likely going to happen. Sometimes I will give percentages on how likely I think something is to happen based on the information I am getting.
What's the point of getting a reading if not everything is set in stone and guaranteed?
Spiritual and psychic readings can serve as a road map. You should always base your choices on what feels right to you, but a reading might give you some information that you may not have considered before. It can help you to think in a new way about a situation or give you new options of exploration. If a reading says to have caution, it may help slow you down so you catch things that you hadn’t before.

Readings can also help to inspire and give hope. Sometimes we all need to know that not everything is going to always be a certain way.

In today’s fast-paced world, many use tarot readings to help act as a spiritual counselor or life coach. It can be comforting to have someone that is partial to help give steps on what to do when you’re completely lost. Please note these steps are not concrete. You will still need to do the work. But often time visualizations, meditations or spiritual exercises may come through which can help to fortify your mind and spirit.

What are your favorite types of readings to do?
As a healer, I prefer to do readings about self-improvement, spiritual insight, or personal development. I will often try to put positive spins on information, while also being truthful. Many questions asked have a lot of emotional power behind them and I like to be sensitive about other people’s feelings while giving them a positive direction. I aim to empower my clients whenever possible.