Many website owners are beautiful, taking copywrited images that they do not have permission to use, or do not give proper credit. I don’t feel this is fair for the artists who put a lot of love and time into their works, therefore I have created this page to credit those artists that have given permission for their beautiful works to be used on commercial websites and projects.  Some photos on this website were also my own are purchased from a stock photo website and those credits are not listed below.

I am not responsible for the content of any of the linked pages and may not necessarily agree with their information or opinions presented.

Alexandra Koch

Arnesh Yadram




Jill Wellington

Johannes Plenio

Jonahs Vincent

Hot Dog Cool Cats

Krista Mangulsone







The Digital Artist

Tobias Bjørkli

Zaw Win Tun

If I have mistakenly used an image I don’t have permission for, please contact me politely and we can discuss it. I have done my best to use images that I understand to be available for free commercial use and follow their appropriate licensing. Some images may also be my own or purchased from commercial sites.