Reiki Types


Please read information the “Important Information Section” below in description area on the healing options for what to expect and timelines.

When contacting, please use my e-mail or contact form as social media can be very unreliable for me.

If you are unsure which options are best for you I recommend not using the scheduled method. While some prefer it, it is not necessary and can prolong the time until you receive your healing.

Impressions vary highly by individual, but if you are curious about what happened during the healing, or would plan on acting on any recommendations I receive, it can be a nice additive to your healing.



Usui Ryoho Reiki

This is my favorite form of reiki and is the classic, original type named after its creator Mikao Usui. It is said to be a gentle, all-encompassing healing type that can affect the mind, body and spirit. I will note I have had the best results dealing with physical issues with this healing type and for others I suggest La Ho Chi.

Usui Reiki is a far reaching type of energy healing that is thought to be able to:

  • Instill calmness
  • Instill inner balance and help improve confidence
  • Aid in recovery times
  • Improve the results of other medical treatments given

While you can indicate what areas you are most in need of help, which will help me to understand any healing impressions I get, Reiki is directed by a higher power. This means that it is entirely up to the divine how this energy will help you. We can take comfort in this because even with the aid of Spirit and intuition the divine knows all and thus can be the perfect healer.


Imara Reiki

This reiki is a newer form then Usui Reiki. It affects everything that the Usui Reiki can, but has a special focus on the subconscious area. It’s name supposedly means ‘more reiki’ and many claim that it is a higher vibrational energy then original reiki.

Imara Reiki works best to help  release:

  • Repressed Problems
  • Childhood Issues
  • Subconscious Issues
  • and Past Life Issues and Ties

While each energy healing session can vary in feeling from person to person and even time to time, I have found this one to be the most subtle. I believe this is because it tends to focus on subconscious areas. Since they are not in the forefront of our feelings and thoughts, when they are effected they may have a much gentler ripple then some other areas.

When I was taught this I was told that with Imara Reiki it is common for both the giver and reciever to get messages. I have not found this to be as true as with La Ho Chi.


Seichem Reiki

This reiki is unique because it was originally channeled by someone in the 1980s by Patrick Zeigler who spent the night in the King’s Chamber of the original Great Pyramid. Because of this is thought to carry a heavier connection to Egyptian energies.

I have found that like the Imara reiki, this one can be quite subtle. I suggest this one for people who are dealing with a lot of heartache in their lives. It is thought to strengthen the connection between our higher selves and the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Some have found that Seichem Reiki is the best for


Important Info About the Session Options.

Time Frames, What To Expect, How Things Work

What are the healing impressions?

Healing impressions vary highly be session. I cannot guarantee what will be given, but may include some or all of the following:

  • Chakra information
  • General Images
  • Colors, shapes, or sensations impressions in different parts of your aura
  • Angels or Spirit Guides
  • Meditations or exercises that are recommended by Spirit
  • Information that is somewhat like a mini-oracle reading.

Readings often run up to 500 words.

Time Frame of Receiving Impressions: No matter what type of healing you buy, if you get impressions you will usually get your notification of completion prior to receiving the healing impressions. Sometimes I sit with Spirit and ask if there is anything else that you need to know, especially if I feel like what I got during the healing is incomplete. Other times I have a lot of clients and I need to properly ground myself before I work on writing up your impressions. I will try to update you if anything unusual may be affecting my time frames but assume one to four days (in rare cases).

Scheduled Versus Not Scheduled Healings

Scheduled Healings: Scheduled healings are done at a specific date and time that we have decided on. Scheduling is not necessary, but some prefer it. You will need to send me three dates and times you are available for your healing. Make sure to include your time zone. I will e-mail you back letting you know which works best for me.

Please check the scheduling page for any current time limitations which may include vacation times or general times of day I am not available.

Remember, if you purchased impressions it will take up to one to four days to receive them as mentioned above.

Not Scheduled Healings: If you do not schedule a healing, they will be done within four dates of purchase date. If you bought multiple healings at once, after the first healing you will need to contact me to tell me when you are ready for the next. Healings are usually done in the order I receive them. You will get an e-mail notification, or the impressions, once the healing is completed.  Please allow up to 4 days for working days for your healing.

When you receive a healing that is not scheduled, I will send you an e-mail on how to receive the energy once it is sent. This also serves as your notification that the healing has been completed. Although the greatest healing benefit is generally felt after calling in the healing energy, some feel it immediately after I have sent it.

Wishes, Rubbish and Background Information

I have included a section for you to include a few things you wish the energy would help with, or if you’d prefer the rubbish your hoping the energy will take out.

I always welcome background information if you’d like to provide it. If the area provided isn’t long enough you may use my contact form or e-mail me directly.

This section helps me understand your needs and give you the best possible healing session!

All These Options I Don’t Know What to Choose?!

Scheduling: If you’re not sure whether you want to be scheduled or unscheduled I recommend you choose the unscheduled. There is the same benefit, but you can choose to take the time to receive when you are ready. Some report feeling healing before officially calling it in and when they call it in so it can be like two for one for some people. You don’t have to worry about doing it wrong. It is very easy.

Length: For normal healings, I recommend the 30-60 minute length healing types.  I recommend longer healing sessions if you have just begun receiving energy healing or have more serious issues going on.

The 15-minute healing type is helpful for just a taste but does not have the same impact as a longer healing. I have included this as a sampler, and as such, I do not give discounts for buying more 15-minute sessions. I will not combine multiple 15-minute sessions in one day.

Healing Impressions: If you’re not sure if you want impressions or not, ask yourself if you would use the information. Will you use, and want, meditation advice? Do you want spiritual guidance? Do you want to know what colors were seen where and what chakras may be out of whack? If you won’t use this information then I would go with no impressions.

Unused healing sessions expire one year after purchase.

I recommend reading the Healing FAQ if you’ve never received an energy healing before as it includes common concerns and instructions on how to optimize receiving your healing.

While I do love this energy healing type if you have been ill for a long time, or if you’ve had a lot of stress or trauma in your life, I recommend the deluxe version of this service called the Auric Spa Experience or the Spirit Renewal Experience.


Additional information


15, 30, 60


Yes, No


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Number of Sessions

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