Love and Relationship Tarot Readings


Are you trying to muddle through relationship issues, or just want a way to get more clarity on the state of the relationship? I offer this straight to the point reading, or a more in-depth detailed relationship psychic and tarot reading for those wanting a clearer picture of the positives and negatives. With Spirit and tarot the more specific the questions the more clear picture you will receive. These readings are aimed to show current trends and situation to allow you to see possible issues or details between you and your loved one.



While I do use cards to do these readings, I also use a heavy dose of intuition and impressions so that the cards become more like guides to confirm what I am picking up.

You are also allowed to choose one clarification question with this reading at the time of purchase. This allows for space for you to provide further customization with how I interpret the cards.

Love Glimpse Reading

This reading is used for those who are debating on if they want to date someone or is in the very beginning stages.

It is a miniature reading which will suggest if they may be a good match for you and it will also include why. This will also include some minor information on personality using one to three cards depending on what I feel is appropriate. This reading will be less than 500 words typically.

I will need the name of the person you are thinking of dating.

This reading will be delivered in 3 to 4 business days from receiving the names of the people involved.

Consideration: You may want this reading to help you pick who you want to date so you can save problems later. However sometimes you may learn things on a path, even if it ends in failure, that may help you in the future. You may meet the one meant for you only because you walked a path that failed. This is why no matter what the reading says you may or may not want to proceed with dating someone.

Love Insight ReadingHeart Tree with Love

This reading is an intermediate level love reading that includes four cards. How each of you sees each other, the obstacle, and most likely outcome unless something big is changed. I will also include whether the cards overall show if this person is a good match for you at this time in your life.

This reading will be delivered in 3 to 4 business days from receiving the names of the people involved.

Heart Looking Glass Reading

This will not just go into the general opinion of where each of you are in the relationship, but also a bit more information. People are usually not black or white creatures. I will draw a card for what each of you sees that is positive in the other, as well as another on the negative you see in the other. I will also pull a card for the largest obstacle. It also covers the positive in the relationship and the main challenge. No reading would be complete without the most probably long term outcome as well.

This reading will take up to one week to be delivered from receiving the names involved due to its complexity and length.

What I Need

I will need the name of you and the other person in the relationship. I need to know whether you are dating yet or not, married, etc. It is helpful to know your sexuality so I can use the correct pronouns, such as if you only date men, women, etc. Tarot and psychic work often require interpreting symbols as Spirit has its own language. Knowing this information will help me to give you a better reading. If you want to provide additional information to that feel free to.

Please understand that not all readings can be positive. I absolutely hate giving bad news, but it happens so please don’t order a reading if you only want positive information. I try to deliver it in a compassionate light, with any information/advice given from the guides to make it better but it’s still hard to not hear what we want to hear. There are many readers out there just to make a buck and will tell you what you want to hear. This reading is for ‘entertainment’ purposes only but I try to handle each reading with the care I would want to be given to them for myself including any positives I can or information that may help you to change the outcome.

While I already have this in my legal disclaimer, please don’t make decisions based upon a reading anyone gives you. Energies are constantly changing so if a relationship is failing and someone decides to work on their own personal issues which may be contributing that could help bring change. Also even if a relationship fails often times there are lessons there for us to learn which will help us grow as people or prepare us for our soul mate.

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Love Glimpse, Love Insight, Heart Looking Glass