Is Energy Healing Effective?

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Energy healing is a meshing of our intent with the divine’s plan. It is a process greater than either the practitioner or the client.
Many people who are seeking energy and shamanic healing want to know the bottom line, will this get rid of my symptoms? The answer is unfortunately complicated, but necessary if you want to understand the true nature of energy healing.

Many healers will claim that yes, shamanic and energy healing will cure you 100%. This is like saying a doctor will cure you with 100% success rate. The truth is, energy and shamanic healers work on a specific level, just like doctors. I really wish that I could say that I am 100% effective, but I can’t do that. Anyone that claims to be 100% effective is most likely a scammer.

The divine’s plan always takes precedence over our perceived wants and needs. Each person’s healing is their own responsibility because it is not just about a spiritual configuration or a good attitude. Being a whole healthy individual is a mixture of a lot of different factors.

What are symptoms?

I think this is important to address first because symptoms are often used in a medical sense meaning basic physical issues such as an achy back, skin rash, cough, etc. All of these things can come under the heading of symptoms, but it is much more than that. Symptoms of illness in regards to energy healing is actually a much larger scope.

Symptoms can also include mental or emotional things. Depression, anxiety, anger issues and basically anything you may think to go to a psychologist may be considered.

Other types of symptoms that are included are things that many cultures today aren’t taught to pay attention to. These are whether someone is approaching life with an openness and willingness to have compassion and forgiveness for oneself and others. Being able to have healthy boundaries and be themselves in relationships is another. These type of symptoms could be classified under the psychological classification, but it is more focused on the thinking processes themselves which therapy may help. In short, a person’s attitude can be a symptom of something dysfunctional as far as an energy worker is concerned.

I don’t like to say ‘wrong’ exactly because different cultures have different standards. Even different sub-cultures within a society may have a different idea what is a symptom or not, but it comes down to a few factors. One factor, and a major one, is if the person’s thinking patterns and behaviors is upsetting to themselves and others and if it is making it difficult for them to live a good life. Right and wrong, functional and dysfunctional can be a discussion all its own according to social norms.

How does energy healing work?

Spiritual practitioners focus on the energetic which is one part of you. Illnesses can arise from the mental, emotional, spiritual or physical bodies, and often a combination. Many shamanic or energetic practitioners will also help you on the mental or emotional levels through simultaneous life coaching or advice from your guides and angels.

Do realize though that they aren’t qualified to be the same as a psychologist. A good energy healer may suggest you see a counselor if they feel that you would require a therapist’s specialized help. This doesn’t mean that your ‘really broken’ or that they can’t help you. Sometimes the best help is to find someone who understands mental or emotional turmoil from a deeper perspective and help to be your ally negotiating the waters.

Any condition can be addressed from the spiritual level. What about its effectiveness though? This depends on the person and the condition. There has been miraculous healing where a person is cured of an illness in a single setting.

Healing is a lifelong process, with victories along the way.

Others may find to get relief from issues bothering them it can take many sessions. If this is the case it doesn’t mean that the practitioner is necessarily bad. Just like change takes time, energy healings can work on subtle levels helping to corral you to a larger place of healing, as you are ready. Just as when you could recite your ABCs didn’t mean you were ready for high school, having one energy healing session doesn’t mean your ready to become fully healed and enlightened. Healing is a lifelong process, with victories along the way. Life is learning, and healing is learning. Energy healing helps to cultivate healing faster or on a deeper level. It helps bring the divine’s attention to you, but even so we can not fully understand the processes of the divine plan.

Other times the spiritual healing may be warding off an illness that is in the aura, but hasn’t manifested yet. Sometimes a person may need to do other work to help themselves along the healing journey. For example issues related to self-worth, speaking one’s truth, being willing to let go of the past, and/or changing one’s behaviors may need to occur before healing can really happen.

Any good energy and shamanic practitioner at their core don’t want you to suffer. Their job is to be a channel for Spirit to hopefully calm, sooth and heal you.
Don’t just rely on certification qualifications to pick your healer, use your intuition and heart as well. Each healer is more than the technique they are using. Some have also been taught through direct communication with Spirit.

What if a practitioner tells you that they can’t help you?

I have sometimes done a few healings for someone and then told them I can’t help them anymore. Other times I have turned down someone that Spirit has told me outright I couldn’t help. If I am told I can’t help someone I don’t always know why, but I respect it. It is important if I do know what kind of practitioner whether spiritual or conventional they need for me to refer them.

While a practitioner maybe competent, they may not have the right technique, vibration, or be the right match for you. Each energy healer has their own personality and methods, some which may work better for you then others. You may need a practitioner who will give you the messages in a blunter or softer way or you may need someone who has went through a similar experience as you have.

Those who have been through hard places or made bad decisions in the past aren’t necessarily a bad healer. If the person has learned from these things they can use that experience to have greater empathy and tell you what helped them.

Sometimes you may find a healer that fits with you in the beginning of your healing journey, but by the end you will need someone else. Being comfortable and having the right healer for you is also important for effectiveness.

While energy healing can be a fantastic supplement to one’s life, it may not be what is needed at that time. The person may already may be working through something and energy healing my serve as a distraction more then a help or resources need to be directed elsewhere. There really is a myriad of reasons that energy healing may not be the best path for someone at a particular moment.

If an energy healer turns you away, try not to be upset about it. It may be they have their own private reasons, of which case they deserve respect for knowing their limitations. They may also turn you away because they know (from intuition or Spirit) that your not ready or willing to accept energy healing on some level. In that case they are doing you a favor because energy can’t be forced on someone so you would just be wasting your money.

Why would someone not be ready for a healing?

If a person wants to say lose weight, a doctor can prescribe pills, but they still need to have a healthier diet and exercise. The reason they don’t do this may be due to anxiety, poor self-image, or a variety of other reasons. Reasons that need to be addressed. So if it is reasonable to say that self-work may be needed to help a doctor make you well, its also reasonable to say that energy healing would as well.

Illnesses can be a gateway for learning.

Illnesses can be a gateway for learning. For example, someone may come down with a physical or mental disease because they haven’t been honoring their internal rhythms. This may mean not taking a time out when they need it. Maybe someone has poor boundaries and has ignored their spirit’s wants and needs and so they become very depressed. When there is a core cause it does not honor someone to take away their illness. To do so would take away their chance for a greater happiness after actually being healed.

Sometimes people will find temporary healing from an issue with energy healing. Rebounding can occur when underlying lessons aren’t healed and aren’t a reflection of the healer’s skills.

While some illnesses are due to bad habits, I don’t feel that everything is the person’s fault. Sometime’s God’s will is for us to have pain, or have a serious illness. It may be horrible, and not understandable, but it is how it is.

Healing, no matter what source you’re using to target it, can take time. Miracles are always welcome and hoped for, but its important to realize that there are no guarantees. Follow your heart and intuition if getting a reading or energy healing is right. A good healer and shamanic practitioner will work for your highest good. This means that the energy may help you unlock the next step of your journey rather than take away the symptoms.