Magical Pendulum Reference Chart


Laminated, these 8.5″ by 11″ references are both durable and easy to store ready for years of use.

You won’t find these anywhere else as they are designed, printed and laminated by myself.


Are you an active, magical person who likes to focus on all things mystical? This pendulum reference sheet is useful for everyday spiritual activities, and for designing rituals when you want input from the spirits themselves. From the everyday to special occasion, this chart helps you to get into a magical mindset with many chart options and witchy decor.

This Reference Features:

Element Chart
Learn which element needs more emphasis in your current altar
Know which element needs to have more focus in a ritual

Moon Phases Chart
Find out the optimum time to do your ritual according to the spirits

Divination Chart
10 Divination Types
Learn which divination method would be most effective for your questions

Crystals Chart
20 Crystal varieties
Know which crystals to use on your altar
Get suggestions on crystals to help any personal situation
Find out which crystals to use in ritual or in a crystal grid

Meditation Chart
5 Meditation Types
Know which meditation would be most helpful for you today

Color Chart
10 Color Options
Learn your lucky colors for the day
Know which colors to boost your magical workings

Alphabet Chart