La Ho Chi Class


See description below for details on this beautiful, comprehensive healing system.


Healing Energy HandsThis complete energetic spiritual healing system is said to work on the highest and purest level closest to God. While I don’t believe in saying one healing method is better then another, La Ho Chi has been my most used and favorite modality. Another benefit of La Ho Chi is that those sending it are also healed as they channel the energy to heal others.

It is very similar to Reiki in delivery as it involves channeling an ‘intelligent’ energy through the hands either in person or at a distance. Unlike other modalities, however, La Ho Chi really the energy continues to flow for at least 3 to 10 days after a session. This makes it especially useful for people experiencing chronic situations or conditions. It also is very empowering for clients as they are able to call the energy back to them for specific issues at will during the days following a healing, which is not only useful but also comforting.

It is particularly effective at helping people who find themselves in difficult or stuck life situations. Those suffering from severe stress, depression, anxiety and other mental issues tend t benefit the most from this method.

Although a very simple system to learn, the energy itself integrates the energy of:

    • Complete Meridian System
    • Color Frequencies
    • Herbal Essences
    • Crystal Energy
    • and Sacred Geometries.

When you sign up to learn this intensive healing modality you will receive a 26 page PDF manual. This includes a full color page suitable for printing and hanging of the La Ho Chi prayer. After reading the manual you will be given a short test to ensure comprehension. An attunement follows which allows you to channel the energy.

If you wish to do it professionally (for payment) you will need to chose the certification option. To become certified you daily self-treatments for at least 10 days after the attunement is required. These will both ensure the channels have been opened up and help to get healing processes started within yourself. You will also be required to do 10 free sessions, that will need to be documented. I provide a simple form with a few questions to help you to reflect and further understand the healing processes and working in a professional atmosphere. Once submitted, I will give feedback and answer any questions that you may have.

After your paperwork from your 10 free sessions has been reviewed you will receive a mailed certificate to display proudly on your wall.

I don’t believe in attunement mills where people receive attunements and nothing else. I have given sessions to multiple individuals who have gotten worse from energy sessions, including Reiki, and I want to ensure that my students understand how to pass on these healings correctly so that they do no harm. The reflection and self-treatment requirements are also to fulfill quality standards to ensure that you are competent and comfortable with the energy.

Doing energy healing isn’t just an activity, it is a philosophy. As they say “Healer, heal thyself.”

Angel Chakra WingsAs a bonus you will also receive the manual and attunement for angelic touch healing!

Angelic touch is a very simple, short healing method that can be used on its own or with other methods. It is a very loving energy and target’s issues with the heart in particular. Often while performing this healing method there is a feeling of being surrounded with invisible, protective beings. At times, I have seen misty angelic beings standing around the healing area actually doing the healing work. Almost everyone can benefit from this gentle healing method.

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