Spirit Renewal Experience



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This package is a shamanic experience meant to move you toward a feeling of wholeness, peace and personal strength

Spirit Renewal: A Shamanic-based Healing Experience

If you are in need of a heavy duty healing jump start, this is the way to go. Intuitive healing and channeled healings (ex. Reiki and La Ho Chi) are fantastic, but if you have chronic problems that may have complex causes or other energy healing methods haven’t been doing it for you, this is the recommended package.

The Spirit Speaks Package is actually shamanic healing where I journey to the space between worlds to interact with the guides directly on their metaphorical turf to help them bring you a deeply healing experience. What happens during this healing varies depending on what they decide you need, which includes a much broader spectrum of things than is normally included in my healings. Sometimes it includes elements from other healing methods I do, although typically if any direct energy body work is done it is done directly by the angels and your guides.

It is fairly common for soul and power animal retrievals to occur as well. You can read more about these below. Anything can happen during these complex journey drummings as they are lead entirely by spirit and the divine.

In any healing, I try to hold sacred space for my clients. Sacred space is a place of safety and comfort, and among other things, is energetically using intent to create a space where personal transformations can take place shielding from external energy sources. It is a mix of mindset and energetic vibration which can help the person be calmer and focused.

During shamanic healing the sacred space is not just within the earth realm. Your Spirit is also held securely within sacred space on the spiritual plane by the guides.

You will be asked to provide a one-sentence intent to drive the healing. Boiling down what you feel needs to be done can feel limiting, or at best difficult, but I am more than willing to help you form your intent. It is important to form a strong intent not only so that there can be a strong intent during the healing, but so that afterward you have a simple way to remember what you’re working toward in your life. By knowing what you want to achieve, it becomes easier for you to make choices to do that.

By getting this package you are getting the most deepest and personalized healing that I can provide. During this energy healing experience soul retrievals, power animal retrievals, deep cleansing and healings, and highly personalized information from the spirits themselves will be gifted to you.

Each individual reacts differently to these drummings, many find that they have immediate profound reactions to it within the first few days of receiving one, but others find that the healing takes place more gradually after one of these sessions. This is a highly complex and energy-intensive experience to both give and receive.

If you have any questions on what is the best healing method for you, don’t hesitate to contact me with a little background information. I will ask your guides if any healing would be beneficial at this time, and what the best method would be.

About the Healing Methods Used

What is Soul Retrieval?

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Shamanic healing may help prevent and repair energetic damage that can cause your Self to fall into decay.

Because people can’t see their souls, people often take them foregranted or feel they don’t exist; but there are many many things we can’t easily see about our physical bodies that are imperative to our functioning. The truth is when we lose pieces of our soul, or our energies become imbalanced or damaged other parts of us become stressed and begin to deteriorate as it tries to make up for the lack of soul piece. Like a badly maintained house, people with soul loss show increasing amounts of wear and tear.

Symptoms of soul loss include:

  • Emptiness, depression, listlessness
  • Unhealthy or Unnecessary Compulsive thoughts or actions
  • Addictions to drugs, people, activities, alcohol, etc
  • Feelings of disconnection/dissociation
  • Chronic and repeated health problems
  • Lost memories
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms
  • Loss of passion and vitality
  • Feeling stuck and unable to move forward
  • Low self-esteem, insecurity, feelings of guilt for no reason
  • Excessive perfectionism or egocentric personality
  • And the list goes on

What are some of the things that can cause soul loss?

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Energy damage can lead to depression, anxiety, and other physical illnesses. The mind, body, emotions and spirit are all connected.
  • Mental, emotional or physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse or rape
  • Sudden unexpected loss
  • Traumatic Birth
  • Traumatic accident, injury or surgery
  • Co-dependent relationships
  • Other traumatic experiences such as war, witnessing a murder, victimization, etc
  • Death of someone close
  • Divorce or other breakups
  • and more

Why is it so important to want change if you’re having a soul retrieval?

Soul retrieval can have a very quick and pronounced effect on people’s lives, but you must be ready to take active steps toward healing in your everyday life as well. Soul retrievals can open doors in a person’s life, but if you are unwilling to embrace the changes, honor yourself, and take responsibility for yourself the soul retrieval will not be as effective.

It’s like if you have a bird who has a missing wing. If you could give it back its missing wing so it was like it was never taken off the bird would still need to be willing to remember how and actually use it to fly.

Sometimes people think they want change, but don’t realize that their unhealthy mental or physical patterns are actually helping them at times. For example, fear or putting yourself down may be the excuse to not do something that is supposed a life dream on your bucket list that in reality is very doable. We can’t fail if we have an excuse not to change. This is something that can be very difficult to admit to yourself, but if its the case knowing what’s going on can make it easier to overcome the hurdle you’ve put in your way to actually getting better.

Soul retrieval can change a person, and through this positive change they may realize that people, things, hobbies, or environmental aspects around them are not for their highest good. In other words, a person may outgrow their harmful situations and may be stronger in other ways and so feel uncomfortable in what used to be okay. This is actually positive, but it can be surprising when someone begins to see things in a new light.

It comes down to God gave us free will choice. We are allowed to choose and we are responsible for our actions. The path of healing is not always easy, but it can reap many rewards in the end. In the end, any type of healing method is only an aid to help you help yourself. You can be your own most powerful healer.

How effective and long-standing are shamanic healings?


This question is difficult to answer because it depends on a lot of factors and the person. It is a combination of what you put into it and what you are ready for.

Prior to receiving your healing, I will give you information on how to prepare for it. I suggest daily meditation and contemplation prior to and after the healing to allow space for you to be open to personal realizations. Through meditation and dreams, you may also receive messages from your guides.

Healings are best done when you have quiet time before and after to bathe in the emotions and feelings that arise. If a soul retrieval is done it can be a big adjustment. Soul pieces can carry old emotions that haven’t been dealt with or new energies that may spark new ideas. It is important to give yourself time and space to integrate these. Traditional talk therapy can be a good companion to shamanic healings to help you deal with any past issues holding you back.

If you don’t properly integrate your pieces, and honor yourself, it may not stay. TLC for a returned soul pieces or energetic healing doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. It is about making choices for your highest good and making the intent to continue on your healing journey. Forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others is often key.

In a fast food culture, some people expect instant changes, a soul retrieval can be more like surrounding a person in a cocoon and watching a butterfly come out. People may see instant results that turn their life around, but others may begin a long healing process. Even with those who are blessed with instant results, how well they process things after can have a factor in how long the results last. Ideally they will last forever, but if a person resists dealing with emotions or issues in their life they may lose their pieces again.

In rare circumstances, someone will feel nothing during shamanic healing. It is not that it is not effective, it’s that changes were made on an outer spiritual level and will affect things more subtly. This can be true of any healing. Not all soul retrievals for the same person will always be the same, it depends on where they are and what they are ready for.

If a soul retrieval happens how many soul pieces will you bring back?

The guides determine if and what soul pieces need to be returned at the time of the retrieval. It can be as little as one or more than ten! Often times other healing is done during soul retrievals, or power animals are retrieved. The important thing to remember is that the healing is done for your highest good. To give you more soul pieces then you are ready for could have disastrous results. That is why the healing is always left up to the guides. When the divine and spiritual helpers are trusted you can be assured to have a safe and successful soul retrieval.

What may the benefits of shamanic healing be?Sunrise Woman

  • Improved self-esteem, confidence, and self-image
  • Balanced Moods
  • Generalized better health and physical condition
  • Finding it easier to deal with life and stress in general
  • Feeling present and whole
  • Able to make decisions and be more assertive
  • Return to a more authentic self
  • Lessening or healing of mental, emotional, or physical illnesses
  • And more…

I cannot guarantee to cure or relieve any condition, but this is a list of some of the benefits people can receive from a soul retrieval.

How often and how many soul retrievals do I need?

It’s best to leave a month between each soul retrieval to allow the energies to fully integrate and settle, but often times three to four months may be better. Often times multiple soul retrievals are recommended as issues are like an onion. Each soul retrieval builds on the last to help release issues at a pace that you can process. This question is very much based on the individual and amount of soul loss.

What are Spiritual Extractions?

To describe what an extraction is, you first need to know what an intrusion is. A spiritual intrusion is a chunk of energy within the aura that does not belong there. It can come from several sources including negative stored emotions, injuries, illnesses or a few other causes. No matter how it got there it is energy that does not belong and as such, it can cause illness and weakness.

I merge with my guides to remove the foreign energy or they will do it themselves. I may also use personal songs or my rattle and drum to further remove the intrusion.

Rearing HorseWhat is a Power Animal Retrieval?

Our power animals walk through us with our daily lives, but sometimes we lose these connections with the guides who are there to help us most. When this happens there can be what is called a loss of power. We may feel lost, undirected, or just unsure where to go.

During a Power Animal Retrieval, I will journey and find what animal(s) guidance you need the most by journeying into the other worlds and bringing back those that wish to work with you most. When returning she blows them back into your heart and head to help reconnect you to them. Afterward, I tell you the wisdom that your animals wish to impart to you at the time of the retrieval.

Power Animal Retrievals can be done separately or sometimes occur during the Spirit Speaks Package where all shamanic healing techniques I have available are used as directed by spirit. If you are unsure if this is right for you feel free to use the contact form and ask me what is the right healing method for you.

Important Instructions Before Purchase

Once you purchase the Soul Renewal Healing Experience you will be given a link to download a file that talks about soul retrievals and instructions that will help you to prepare for this healing. I generally recommend a week to prepare yourself, but after reading you can decide.

I will need a one-sentence summary of what you want the goal of your healing to be. This is the statement I will take with me when doing the shamanic healing. You may share more than the one sentence on your situation but the one sentence is an essential part of the experience. Do not hesitate to wait if you’re not sure what that is. I can also help if you tell me some of the situations that are going on.

After you have read the downloaded recommendations please use my Contact Form to reach out to me with:

  • Three dates and times you are available, with your time zone
    • The downloaded packet will have suggestions for preparation.
  • A summary of your situation
  • One sentence summation of what you’d like to happen, or if you don’t know I’ll help you
  • Optional: A picture to help me connect to you


I am looking forward to helping you on your healing journey!