Personal Numerology Report and Forecast


For these readings I will need:

  • Full birth name
  • Current name
  • Nickname if people regularly call you by one, this includes Sue even if your legal name is Susan
  • Birthdate

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This report includes 45+ of information all about YOU.
We all know that the road to self-discovery is difficult and elusive despite us living our own lives; still, we yearn to know how we tick in hopes that it will help us to make the best choices for ourselves in regard to relationships, career, and life. This numerology report will help give you a greater insight into your life and personality for you to consider, so that you can make better decisions for yourself.

This exceptional report uses numerology to determine the following

  • Life Path Number
    This includes your personal traits when you are born with.
  • Expression and Minor Expression
    This number indicates how you physically and mentally express yourself and goes into life goals and direction. It highlights aspects of your personality and abilities.
  • Heart’s Desire
    This number talks about your motivations and goals that lie deep within you.
  • Personality
    This number is like a gateway and covers what you allow into your life and what you block out. It is the filter that indicates how others view you, and the real you that looks out at the world.
  • Bridge Numbers
    These numbers show how the numbers in your chart interact so that you can have a better idea of how to manifest positive changes in your life according to your true self as presented by the numbers.
  • Karmic Lessons (If Any) and Challenges
  • Passions


  • Personal Year
    As the calendar year moves forward, so does the numbers. Here you will find each of your own personal year numbers for 3 years.
  • Personal Month
    This is much like the above but gives you more specific details by month within those years.
  • Daily
    Includes a short daily forecast for one year.

E-Mailed readings will be completed in three to four business days. Mailed reports can take up to one week.

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