Howls of greetings to you!

Grab a virtual cup of cocoa or tea and take a seat around the fire.

If you’d like to bypass the friendly introduction and get to the nitty gritty you can find my training and qualifations here.

I believe that Spirit moves through us all, and through this, we are all connected. That is the key to many of the small miracles we find ourselves surrounded by every day. You see, sometimes some of the smallest, almost seemingly insignificant events can change a person’s life. Perhaps a person giving a compliment at just the right time, or an off-handed comment that suddenly makes everything clearer. Spirit moves through everyone and all things every day helping to get necessary things done and messages communicated.

If you have found yourself today at my fire I’d like to think there is a reason. Perhaps I can help you with answers, healing, your dowsing practice, or maybe something to beautify your home or life. If nothing else maybe some of the information on my pages will resonate with you giving you something little to carry with you.

Philosophy About My Services

One of my philosophies in life is that spirituality isn’t something that you do. It can be magical and beautiful, but sometimes it brings you into the dark, depths of your soul. It can be hard to confront the pain, sorrow, and ugly truths we all carry within, but if we don’t dig deep using honest self-analysis and introspection we can’t chase out the monsters. Why is that so important? Well, I believe we are all here to experience, share, learn and grow. All the things that lead us to really live.

Basically, when I perform services for others, I do what I try to do for myself. I try to be compassionate even if it means revealing things that aren’t so pleasant so that you can find what needs to be changed so you can transform your life. On the same side, I try to illuminate the good, so that you know what to keep, celebrate and build on. There are some that believe we should only look at the light, but life is a yin yang and to be whole we must dance in the dark and the light.

White WolfIt’s hard to talk about myself. Really if you are a good healer, some of it is you as a person. I strive for integrity and to provide a comfortable, safe space for you to experience the healing process and any releases that may come to you. When I provide services and readings, I take time to make sure I am in a good place, because accuracy depends on that. To do healings and readings, I believe that I am the channel, a messenger, and it is my job to be in a good place to do that.

I believe in constant growth, and that no matter who you are there is always more to learn and new ways to understand. Therefore I have found my teachers in what some may seem is the strangest places. While I have been taught directly through shamanic journeys, I have also had numerous classes and earthly teachers on the long list of topics I’ve studied. The subject of Spirit moving through us all really hits home here, as I have had some of the deepest most life-changing moments occur through simple conversations. Spirit is everywhere, and each day I try to be open to the experience, lesson, and joy that the day may offer.

While I have talked mostly about myself, really any energy healer and reader worth their salt will realize that they are the channel. All that they are, and what they know, is a supplement to the divine, no matter what words you use to describe it. My guides/angels are my companions both in life and healing. I have been studying these things for over 16 years, and I am still learning what it means to be a good healer, and the relationship between humans and our spirit guides and I will be learning till I die. They are my friends and have helped me and my clients in so many ways beyond my own comprehension, and I am honored for all those they have helped me touch


Find out more about my Shamanic Path and what that means and doesn’t mean here.


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So welcome to my website, my virtual campfire. If I can be of help to you feel free to send me a message.

May you never lose your wonder, faith and sense of beauty of the moment!