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Cord Cutting and Soul Energy Restoration

Life is all about connections, and when we interact with others we naturally form spiritual ‘cords’ that are kind of like spiritual cables that can pass information and energy between people. Close friends and family may find themselves having a subtle knowing how someone else is doing that are beyond the normal understanding of their loved one. This is due to the cords that run between us.

Normally, this is fine, but unhealthy personal connections result in cords that reflect the dysfunctional relationship perpetuating and exacerbating problems.

Sad PersonSymptoms you may need a cord cutting include having:

  • Connections to old relationships that you still feel stuck in
  • Old patterns that you continue to repeat time and time again
  • Feelings of being tired and worn from people who are energy vampires in your life
  • Situations which never seem to end
  • Repetitive family issues
  • Feelings of being pulled toward old, negative relationships

If you’ve had situations where you’ve feel manipulated, controlled, left drained, or maybe ill after interacting with someone its a good sign that you need a cord cutting.

Cords can change over time based on our thoughts and actual interactions. If you cut someone that is negative out of your life, the cord may degrade over time. Cord cuttings help to speed up the process or help correct where one or both people may find themselves in a mental loop thinking about the other person.

How is Your Cord Cutting Different? The Valuable Energy Restoration Bonus.

Cord cutting has gotten incredibly popular on the internet of recent years. If you do the research yoSunriseu will find multiple pages on them and how to do them; however, you will also find a lot of conflicting information as well.
I was taught cord cutting by a shamanic practitioner in the Harner tradition. Many cord cutting instructions involve calling on a single entity or simple visualization. I go beyond this doing actual journeywork where I talk to your guides on what is best for you. If they say a cord shouldn’t be cut, I won’t do it. They know best.
The biggest benefit to getting a cord cutting is the soul restoration work that you won’t get anywhere else.
Part of what this involves is using Seichem Reiki. This is not a required addition to cord cutting, but it’s perfect with its heart-centered focus. Those with aching hearts need supportive, strengthening, and loving  energy to help them to continue the healing process after the cord cutting. Seichem Reiki is perfect for this.
When necessary, you will also receive a mini-soul retrieval type healing as well. This soul energy restoration can make a huge difference.
Soul Energy Restoration can help:
  • Reduce the chances of the unhealthy cords reforming
  • Helps to reduce feelings of missing pieces of self and hollowness leftover from a bad relationship
  • Reduce mental and emotional imbalances caused by energetic problems
  • Speed return to a state of balance and well-being

How Does the Soul Come into It?

There is a shamanic belief that the soul can become fragmented. If there is trauma, a piece can break off and then a soul retrieval is required. This is something I do in the Spirit Renewal Experience if the guides call for it.
The soul can also become fragmented in a relationship and the other person holds onto a piece of the other, whether intentionally or by force. This can make it incredibly difficult to get over the other person and can create long-lasting personal problems.
When this exchange happens willfully one of the people in the relationship may have had a strong urge to help or please the other person. Many have heard phrases such as one person gave the other ‘a piece of their heart’ or ‘a piece of themselves.’ If you found yourself using these phrases, and are having incredible difficulty getting over a relationship long after it should be done, this can indicate a soul loss issue.
There is also the case where someone can unconsciously or unconsciously take a piece of the other person. While it may seem that someone who does this may be bad on some level, that is often not the case. Sometimes one partner may be abusive and want to take everything the other person has to offer. Yet many times the other person may take a piece of the other because they are trying to hold onto the person because they love them so much or are afraid of losing them. There may even be a drive to hold onto them because they want to protect them from something.
Either way, the end result isn’t something good. When people have lost a piece of themselves, whether to trauma or another person it can create mental and physical diseases. Unhealthy obsessions with past relationships can also result.

Will a cord cutting make someone leave me?Fighting Couple

A cord cutting will have affects on other levels, but cannot make anyone leave you. Energy work will not override one’s will. Therefore, if you want to keep a relationship strong, even if it is negative, then it will stay regardless of the cord cutting.

If you are in a difficult relationship that you want to keep you may want to ask yourself why you want to stay in it. Then ask if both of you are willing to work on making it better. No one can take responsibility for another person’s actions and it takes two to build a stronger relationship. If both people are willing to work on the relationship, a cord cutting will help to remove the cord that is associated with the negative patterns helping to energetically create the potential for a healthier relationship.

The physical, emotional and mental counterparts to the spiritual cord cutting are up to you both. Even if the other person is not aware of the cutting happening, they may unconsciously react to it. This is why it is important to have it done in a way where healing is also applied to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. This is why I include Seichem Reiki with each cord cutting.

How Does Cord Cutting Help with Past Relationships

It is only natural for it to take time to get over past relationships. But sometimes relationships continue to drain us long after they have ended. At this point, if you are not already doing some deep introspection work on why it is still draining you, you may also benefit from cord cutting.

As I mentioned, cords are those energetic connections that naturally form between two people that connect them. These are the spiritual connections that often unconsciously cause us to think about the other person when they think of us. They are responsible for the little nudgings we get about those that we care about, like when we know they are about to call or that something is wrong. These can be beneficial when you have a positive relationship that you are trying to maintain. Once a relationship ends though, this can turn into torture.

Keeping cords on past relationships is like getting a silent mental text reminding you of that person when all you want to do is forget.

How often should I get cord cutting done?

It is recommended to get your cords cut regularly, although it varies by situation. If you are battling to release or deal with an abusive or generally negative relationship it is recommended to have it done more often because over time cords can thicken strengthening the negative energy impacts. Uncut negative cords can create tremendous strain both mentally and emotionally for us and if both parties wish to bring healing to a situation this can help immensely with the process.
It is impossible to completely protect ourselves from cords from reconnecting, but we can make sure by regular cord cutting to ensure that it doesn’t get too overwhelming. Even if we keep our connections to a minimum often those we love can inadvertently cause us issues through these energy cords through our daily struggles.

What are the impressions?

Distance healings can be done with or without impressions. Impressions are short write-ups that include any information given during the healing and can vary. Guidance similar to an angel reading is often given with information helping you to consider new ways of thinking. As they say, change your mind, change your life. Other information that may be given may include what the cords were like, faces that were seen, or information on your energy body.
Impressions are always given as Spirit inspires when done in person.

Do I need to request a specific cord to be cut?

Some healers require you pay per number of cords you want cut. I ask your guides which ones need to be cut and go from there. Therefore, you don’t need to request a specific person(s) to be cut from you, but I always welcome any information you’d like to provide. This helps me interpret any symbols I may be given, and I can make sure to pay attention to the relationships that are causing you a particular problem.

What do I need to know about scheduling?

Cord cuttings do not need to be scheduled, but there is no additional fee for doing so.
Scheduling can take longer due to general logistics. You can schedule during a time that you are awake and able to not be disturbed. It is also perfectly acceptable to schedule during a time you will be sleeping as you are already in a deeply relaxed state. If you’d like to schedule while you are sleeping, please let me know a general time frame on when you are asleep.
If you do not schedule your healing, realize that it will be completed within 3 to 4 business days of purchase. You will then be sent an e-mail notifying you of completion with a specific affirmation that you can do to receive the full healing benefits. This is the most convenient way to receive your healing and is very simple.
Impressions will be delivered either at time of completed healing or up to two days after. There are times that I feel that I have not received the entire messages needed from Spirit for you. In these circumstances, I watch for signs for you and listen to compile any additional information to give you the most complete reading possible.

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