Daily Spiritual Helper Pendulum Reference Chart


Laminated, these 8.5″ by 11″ references are both durable and easy to store ready for years of use.

You won’t find these anywhere else as they are designed, printed and laminated by myself.


Flexible, this reference is great for the serious practitioner who wants their guides to take an active role in their personal development. Your angels and guides can come through your pendulum to help you determine what spiritual practice would be optimum to get the most out of the time you have to dedicate toward personal development.

This reference features:

Keywords of Guidance Chart
26 keywords
Can be used instead of oracle cards
Know what the guides want you to contemplate today
Gain insight on a specific situation

Daily Spiritual Activities Chart
10 Options to help you know what spiritual practice would be best for you today
Learn what your guides most want you to focus on for your highest good.

Time Amount Charts
5 Time Increments
Learn optimum lengths of time for spiritual practices
Use to learn answers to other question you may have such as how long till something happens

Bodies Chart
Includes 4 Options (Mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical)
Learn which area needs your attention most
Find what level a problem is manifesting from
Know which body needs energy or intent focused toward

Meditation Chat
10 Types of meditations
Explore meditation daily without boredom
Find out which meditation practice is right for you today

Alphabet Chart