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I remember the struggle when I did not have insurance. I have not used most of these services, but am providing them for a resource if you need help, but aren’t sure where to turn.

In the US, most places have a 211 service. You can go to their website to check your area or try calling 211. They can provide all sorts of information on social services or perhaps point you to where you can get more info.

In the past, you could sometimes ask for samples of medications from your doctors if you were having difficulties affording a medication. Also, most doctors I’ve been to do write prescriptions for generic medications, but always make sure to ask if one is available. Generics can be significantly cheaper.

Some pharmacies will also have their own prescription discount cards . You may need to pay a small amount and then get prescriptions cheaper for the rest of the year there.

I am not affiliated with these and have done my best to ensure their legitimacy. I can’t answer any specific questions on these and provide the information for your own consideration so you can do your own research.

Family Wize
Provides a discount card for prescriptions. It has a pricing look up tool on their website.

A website with coupons for prescriptions. I have used this site in the past. I recommend calling your pharmacy ahead of time and asking if they can give you the price listed on GoodRX. Sometimes I ended up getting a good deal, but still paid more than the GoodRx price.

Medical Assistance Tool
Helps qualifying people without insurance to get their prescriptions discounted or free.

National Council on Aging
Helps seniors and younger people with disabilities enroll in eligible programs. Some US areas have Centers for Aging and Disabilities that can help similar people find resources and programs of varying types.

Nonprofit website that helps to find coupons, rebates and programs to afford prescriptions. Has lists of information on free clinics, transportation and government healthcare information. They also have phone assistance.

Need Help Paying Bills
Has information on programs on how to pay bills of all kinds.

Patience Assistance
Lots of prescription coupons

Large directory of patient assistance programs.

Help with patient assistance programs for medications

Non-profit online pharmacy. This one was recommended by WebMD so I am including it. Also has cheap telehealth options.

Single Care
A discount prescription card website.

State Pharmaceutical Program Finder

Coupons for prescriptions

Organizations that might help with advocacy or medical access

Benefits Checkup – National Council of Aging

The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics

National Organization for Rare Diseases

National Patient Advocate Association
Works at the local, regional and national levels to help people have access to affordable, quality health care for people with chronic, debilitating or life-threatening illnesses.