Free Learning Resources

Tons of free courses and offers a few certifications.

A list of colleges and their free courses.

BBC Free Podcasts
A variety of topics available.

Colleges with Free Online Courses
A huge list of 190 universities with over 600 free online courses.

Code Academy
Offers free programming courses. It also has paid tiers with additional courses and options.

A site developed by Harvard and MIT that lists a ton of courses for free.

Itunes University
Free educational courses featured on Itunes.

Learn some common languages used to make webpages

Ivy League Courses
This links to a website that tells you how to take the courses and which ones are currently free.

Courses on their website or through an app. Lots of language courses.

Open Culture
A huge database of courses, podcasts and other learning resources.

A lot of courses mainly focused on social sciences, humanities and art.

Stanford Online
Offers free online courses on a variety of subjects.

University of Oxford Podcasts
Podcasts from Oxford

Low Cost Learning

Has tons of free and low-cost college courses.

You can get one free month then there is a monthly fee. Some of my college courses required me to have a subscription. They are very solid, professional courses. While youtube offers a lot of howtos taking a course here is a lot faster and more in-depth if you want to learn a specific program.

I’ve used this site a lot. Some content creators are pretty quality, others not so much. There are constant sales so if you see something you’re interested in and it’s not on sale come back later.

Children’s Learning

Offers courses on coding. There are specifically courses for kids.

Fun Brain
Kids can learn through fun reading, puzzles and games.

Khan’s Academy
As a large variety of free courses that cover from kindergarten to early college. It also has information to prep for some of the larger academic tests.

National Geographic Kids
A great site for kids with lots of fun info.

Registration is required but has tons of free educational games for kids.