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Healing Energy HandsImara Reiki is a valuable tool to the energy worker’s tool box specializing at dealing with issues that lie beneath the surface. Client’s dealing with issues relating to the subconscious, repression and past life issues. Despite its deep nature it is one of the most gentle of modalities I use and would liken it to be washed over with calm waves of healing that gently removes mental debris.

This particular energy method is of a higher frequency, and you should have a Reiki 2nd Degree already before receiving this attunement, but to experience the full benefit you need to be a Reiki Master. If you don’t, please message me before purchasing so we can discuss your energy knowledge and background.

Imara Reiki is known to be a more visual modality then others. Healer and receiver alike may find themselves being shown images related to emotional or mental release, as well as clues to further healing. As such, an understanding of symbols and a strong relationship with your guides is recommended prior to getting this attunement. They will help to guide you to fully understanding the information you are given.

The attunement is what allows you to actually channel the energy. All students may ask as many questions as they need, though most have very few as it is a simple addition to other energy systems and doesn’t use symbols or complicated delivery methods. Students may ask questions for up to 6 months after receiving the attunement.

After the attunement daily self-treatment is necessary for the next 7 days minimum. This will help facilitate healing processes within yourself and ensure proper opening of the channels for Imara Reiki energy. As they say “Healer, heal thyself.”

If you are planning on utilizing Imara Reiki in a professional environment you will need the certification. In addition to the attunement and book, you will get a quality certificate to display on your wall. Certification requires you to do 10 free healings and filling out a short questionnaire on each to ensure competency and comfort with the healing process. These questionnaires help you to reflect on the experience so you can provide a quality experience for future clients.

I don’t believe in attunement mills where people receive attunements and nothing else. The reflection and self-treatment requirements are to fulfill quality standards to ensure that you are competent with the energy if you choose to become a professional.

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