What is the Pendulum?

Imagine being able to interact with your personal guides to get answers literally spelled out to you. This can be achieved by using the pendulum. The pendulum is essentially a weight on the end of a string and is used as a form of dowsing. Most people who use a pendulum simply use it to get yes/no answers, but it can be used as an extremely useful and specific divination device.

To get simple yes and no answers from this tool involves no further tools then the easy to carry pendulum itself. This makes it an attractive tool to have on hand. It’s comparatively cheap next to other divination methods such as tarot cards. Due to its small size its easy to carry. Ask the right questions and you can get almost any answer you want out of it.

Thing is, sometimes yes and no isn’t enough. Often using tarot or other divination methods involve decoding symbolism. This is great, but sometimes you just want a specific answer. The answer to getting specific and question-free answers from your pendulum is to either get or make charts. Charts are typically semi-circles or circles with multiple answers placed into equal spaced sections. Begin by asking your question, concentrating and holding the pendulum over the center all of the options. Your guides can then use the pendulum to swing in different directions over this chart to indicate the answer.

The possibilities of answers that you can get are endless. A staple of any pendulum dowsing kit is the alphabet chart. Any answer can be spelled out using this chart. So why use anything more then just an alphabet chart? Because while an alphabet chart is extremely flexible, it can be tedious to wait for everything to be spelled out. This is where themed charts come in. Charts with pre-created options relating to meditation styles, time, crystals, nutrition, the list is endless, are great when you ask similar questions repeatedly. I’ve even seen charts where the tarot cards are used so a deck isn’t needed.

So while a pendulum is excellent for simple answers, it can be so much more when a chart is used. Simple, specific, and cheap the pendulum is an excellent tool to have in anyone’s divination tool box.