Healing Energy HandsMy Qualifications and Training

I am constantly reading, taking courses, and finding new outlets to develop my relationship with myself and Spirit. My knowledge has become extensive since I began just over 20 years ago when I began my shamanic path.

I have had so many teachers on my journey that I regrettably can not remember all of them. While I was certified in Karuna Ki and Sekhem Reiki styles, my certificates got destroyed thus I don’t have the official dates.

My Native American Teacher

In addition to what I’ve listed below, I also studied with an Osage Native American elder for some time who taught me sacred songs and knowledge of his tradition. These teachings helped to fill out a lot of things for me where the new age practices lack. I will always be grateful to him for what I learned.

At one time, I had a lot of anxiety about running a spiritual business as some highly disapprove of getting paid for spiritual services. He approved and encouraged me to grow my spiritual business. I was never to charge for those things he taught me so these are not part of my services.

I am not Native American, however, I do use what he and another Native American elder taught me in my general spirituality and philosophies. This is because they have become a part of who I am and it is impossible to separate that out.

I am extremely honored for what time he gave me and he gave me a deep respect for those who practice the original teachings versus many new age practices. They require dedication, sacrifice and will power that is incredibly admirable. When I mention my shamanic learnings I do not include this with that at all. I feel that new age shamanism borrows some from older traditions, but largely has evolved into its own format.

At this time some of the tools I use include:

  • Reiki Master Teacher
    • First degree Reiki was issued 3/3/2002 by Rev. Terri Ramacus
    • Certified Master Reiki Teacher Level 2/5/2005 by Mona Khalaf, registered with the IARP
  • La Ho Chi Master
    • Certified on August 12, 2002, by Rosalyn Mcgrath
  • Angelic Touch Practitioner
    • Certified on August 12, 2002, by Rosalyn Mcgrath
  • Karuna Ki
    • Received 2006
  • Sekhem Reiki Master
    • Certificate recieved on March 2, 2012, by Rev. Judith Carrell
  • Hypnotherapy (Beginner to Advanced)
    • Course completion certificate from Kain Ramsay and Steven Burns received 3/7/2019
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Animal Guide/Totem Wisdom
    • Began training in 1998 lead by Diana Roth
  • Pendulums
  • Muscle Testing
  • Shamanic Training
    • Multiple workshops, trainings, and teachers in various traditions
  • Several Divination and Tarot Decks
  • Aura Knowledge
  • Crystals and their uses including grids
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Herbalism — Medicinal and Magical Uses
  • Aromatherapy
  • Spiritual Cleansing, Curse Removal, and Spiritual Protection
  • And More.

I am a registered reverend, although I do not make this well known. It is a flashy title in many cases without substance. If you come upon a spiritual practitioner and they say they are a reverend don’t become instantly impressed. I’m not talking about those people who went to college to be reverends, they earned it. There are easy ways to legally get this title that offers little effort. Mainly I sought out this title so that I could officiate a wedding and due to some states legal requirements for energy healers.

Traditional Education

In addition to extensive spiritual education, I do have a Bachelor of Science in Scientific and Technical Communications with a concentration in social sciences and a minor in psychology. I began in a forestry major so I’ve taken a lot of biology and plant-related college courses. I also have several other non-spiritually related certifications which include computer repair and writing.. Anthropology, sociology, and psychology have been all areas that both fascinate me and have helped me on my path.

To learn more about my shamanic path, and what that has entailed, read more here.