This is my least favorite section to write on, but due to having multiple difficulties with clients I urge you to read and understand my policies.


Products will be shipped out as soon as possible, but may take up to 5 days. Personalized art may take up to two weeks, but are typically sooner. If for any reason shipping will be delayed longer then that you will be contacted via e-mail. If you have a special occasion you need something mailed by let me know and I’ll do my best at accommodating getting it to you on time or will let you know if it’s impossible. I don’t typically offer expedited shipping but will if paid.

Shipping Costs

Shipping prices are as stated. If you are outside the US, additional shipping charges may be invoiced after the initial purchase. If any additional costs are necessary you will be asked prior to them being billed if you would like a full refund or are willing to pay the extra charges and will be informed why there are extra charges.

Time/Information for Item Shipment and Services Rendered

Orders are normally handled in the order they are received. Unless it is a rush/expedited service most will be completed within 3 days unless there are additional or special scheduling requirements. It is recommended with shamanic style healings to have time to contemplate and personally prepare and it is suggested to wait a week after purchase before getting the actual retrieval done, although you will be contacted sooner via e-mail.

All initial contact will be via e-mail. TWHA (Thunder Wolf Healing Arts) is not responsible for any delays receiving information or scheduling if you do not check your e-mail or respond to e-mails sent.

You are responsible for completing the instructions given to you via e-mail regarding either style of healing. You will not be issued a second healing or refund if you fail to properly communicate via e-mail, site form, or another method of what kind of service you are paying for.

If you accidentally delete or haven’t received your reading or instructions within 72 hours please contact TWHA at the primary address to request a re-send in case it went to your spam folder or got somehow lost. TWHA strives to be prompt and offer good customer service, but I can’t respond if I don’t know something is wrong.

If you need an order rushed, and expedited service does not appear as a product/service choice, please contact me and TWHA will let you know if this is possible. Expedited service will incur additional charges for priority treatment.

You are responsible for supplying an updated shipping or e-mail address. Unless TWHA hears otherwise, information will be taken from your Paypal information. It is recommended you verify the information with us personally to prevent mix-ups.

All shipments will be sent with delivery confirmation where possible to ensure there is no disagreement whether the product was received or not.

International shipments may have additional duties, taxes or customs fees for which you will be responsible. If you have any questions regarding this please contact your local customs office.


Where refunds are applicable, they must be requested within 30 days. All refunds requested will have a $5 processing fee. This fee does not apply when I am the one initiating it. I am a small business and this covers my time and fees so please ensure you want what you are purchasing before you purchase it. Regrettably I’ve had people take advantage of repeatedly buying the same thing then asking for a refund. Any exceptions to this fee are solely up to my discretion.

Please consider carefully before purchasing. Some exceptions may occur where I may offer a full refund, but this is solely up to my discretion and will depend on circumstances.

Refunds are only possible for non-personalized products and services. Once a reading or healing is rendered the energy and time taken to render it cannot be taken back. If I cannot connect to you enough to answer your questions or do your healing I will offer a refund at my discretion only. If you have any questions or concerns please write to me prior to ordering your healing.

If personal products are damaged when receiving them they will be dealt on a case-by-case basis and may result in a partial refund. I am not responsible if incorrect information was entered for a personal product and was delivered as such. If such occurs no refund will be given. All personalized information must be submitted through written text even if verbal instructions are given to ensure no mistakes are made.

If you wish to get a refund on a non-personalized product please contact me. You must include your reason for return: quality not as expected, damaged in shipping, duplicate, etc. You are responsible for return shipping. Refund will not be issued until the object is received. You may wish to return the product with a confirmation service from the post office if you are concerned about verifying its arrival.


If you have any question about the size or mediums used for your order please contact me. Copyright, licensing, distribution, publishing and copying any artwork, personalized or not, is not allowed and are retained by Thunder Wolf Healing Arts and its creator. If you wish to sell or reproduce any artwork, digitally or otherwise, for commercial or non-commercial use,  please contact me first. I will use legal means if necessary to protect my copyrights.

Right to Refuse Service

While not done often, in certain cases TWHA reserves the right to refuse service, including but not excluding, readings and healings to anyone at any time for any or no reason. Please see my page on why I may refuse service. Please note not all refusal of service is for a negative reason or something that is personal to you.


I don’t have immediate notifications of Facebook or e-mails I receive. Facebook does not always give me page notifications so e-mail is better. Please be patient. I often need to take periods away from technology to dedicate myself to Spirit, prepare for healings/readings or my own well-being. I try to respond within 24 hours if it is a working day but sometimes I fail.

Please message me again if I don’t respond to something important, sometimes things get lost. Don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you were supposed to get instructions or something, but didn’t. I’m human and make mistakes.

Please note that impressions or readings may take a few days because I will take time to meditate further if I feel like I do not have everything you are supposed to get right away.


I make absolutely no guarantees for any of my services. Everything is up to Spirit and sometimes healings or benefits take place that are subtle or will be more apparent later. For legal reasons I must state all my services are for entertainment purposes only. If anyone says they are 100% accurate or can guarantee spiritual healing results run away. There are no guarantees no matter how good you are and those that make these kind of guarantees tend to be outright scammers. You can read more in my disclaimers page about my guarantees.