My Personal Health Journey

Is it possible to have mental and/or physical illnesses and also be seen as a creditable healer? This is a question I wrestled with for many years as I’ve had my share of both. Some that will most likely be with me for the rest of my life. In response, I have always worried that someone would find out, and think less of me, and as such, I should hide my problems away in a closet.

Oddly enough, there was never a question if I was an effective healer while I had my own issues as the positive results I had were undeniable. Friends and later clients I treated have always reported great (sometimes even instant!) results from my work. However, it was, and still is at times, a thorn in my side at times that I’ve been able to help others, but many techniques have either not worked or been relatively ineffectual for myself.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that it’s time to stop hiding. There is the practical side of things and then how it can help my clients. Sometimes I will re-schedule clients because I know that I am not able to be at my best because I need to give time to myself first. No matter what I always strive to give my clients top-notch service and as accurate readings as I can provide.

My conditions have helped me be a better spiritual practitioner
The other side of the coin, however, is that my conditions have actually helped me to be a better spiritual practitioner in a lot of ways. Stick with me as I feel like I need to share the majority of my story to help you understand.

I have had frequent, and often major, illnesses since I was born. There are those who are worse off than me, but I can safely say that I do not know what it is like the majority of people who remain relatively healthy until they begin to get toward middle-age and later. Frequent pain and fatigue taught me the value of life.

I have many adaptation strategies that many think I’m completely healthy. This fact alone has helped me to understand what invisible illness is, and all the repercussions of that.

Chronic illnesses, including migraines and fibromyalgia, have been with me for a long time. I have spent countless hours researching biological processes and treatments from both natural and modern medicine and often has very little effect. There’s an enormous list of natural and spiritual healers I’ve seen, many who are very notable in their own communities. Many of them had very little effect and made some worse. Even the famed CBD oils did not help and actually made some things worse.

Benefits for my Clients

So why do these things benefit my clients? From all my research I have an extensive inner encyclopedia of how biological processes and illnesses work. I also have endless lists of herbs and other natural treatments with their contraindications. I am not a naturopath, and I do not treat, diagnose or prescribe, but I can point you in a direction that you can research. Just because something didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it isn’t right for you. Spirit often recommends something I’ve read about or tried to my clients and I suggest it as a path as long as they are also working with and under a doctor.

Many who suffer from chronic illnesses have done what I’ve done, researched the heck out of everything and seen a plethora of specialists. That brings me to the next point, I understand what it is like to have a chronic illness. Not everyone is the same, but I’ve experienced the stigmas, discrimination, and difficulties that come from friends, family and the general population when you have these illnesses. There are things that if you haven’t experienced some form of this can make it hard to understand for someone who hasn’t.

There are the symptoms of the illnesses themselves, and then there is the mind and soul-crushing consequences that no doctor will warn you about. This is why talking to friends who have had the same conditions as me has at times been extremely healing. They understand what it’s like to some degree and that can be enough to help bring a little more peace to your soul. It can help to quiet the feeling that you’re not enough or crazy that others may try to impart on you because you are not as fun as they’d like.


Hands making star with peace signs
Friendly support from people who cared and understood has been one of the best healing experiences I’ve found.

I am sharing that I have chronic illnesses because if I can make my client feel less alone, then I should. Talking to others with chronic illness has created healing where symptoms may never be fully cured. Sometimes it’s helped by providing a new daily practice or technique that makes living a little more bearable. Other times it’s the knowing I’m not fully alone that has been very healing.

Having chronic illnesses has also taught me so many things I can’t possibly list them all here. I understand what it’s like to suffer, and how it feels to have someone help you. I’ve struggled with what it means to not be able to find relief but having God gift me the ability to help others. My experiences give me a greater understanding of the toll of disease on a person’s self and quality of life. I’m sure that many will have their own reason why they think I still suffer from conditions, but I believe that, at least for now, it is God’s will and so I can just go along doing the best I can. One can accept their condition, yet continue to work on healing.

So now I share here, that I do suffer from conditions in hopes that those who need a healer who has some understanding can come to me. I am aware that there are many in the spiritual community who severely judge people’s mental and/or spiritual character if they must take a pill or suffer from health conditions. I no longer care if this affects my business as I know I’ve been an effective healer for many years with many long-term happy clients. Those who need me will find me.

I have made peace with the fact that perhaps things haven’t worked because this is what God thinks is best. Others have said that it is impossible, or at least incredibly difficult, for a healer to use their own abilities to help themselves. There may at least be some truth to this. I have a friend who has the level 2 Reiki attunement. For some reason, she has a natural ability to use it with eye conditions very successfully. There have been times where she had helped my eyes when my own reiki did nothing.

Those who judge me for something I have not found relief for can find someone they feel is more qualified. Though I caution, many healers I’ve known are very broken people privately and either choose not to face the truth about themselves or hide their realities to others. When not dealt with properly mental wounds can create damage to others through many fronts.

I urge you to pay attention to intuition when choosing a healer. My illnesses have given me tools and views that someone who has been relatively healthy their entire lives won’t have. However, they have their own gifts and views that I won’t have. Everyone can teach you something, one way or another.

I am who I am and it has been the reason I have studied as much as I have seeking answers. It is why I am the healer I am, and gives more ways I can be a more supportive, understanding person to others.