Why refuse service?

It doesn’t happen often, but there are times that I feel it’s best to offer a one time refund or recommend that you seek another practitioner.

I feel it is best ethically to deny service where appropriate which is typically in the best interest of the client. If you are not going to be getting the full value of service then you should be happy that I am willing to give up money that puts food on the table so you can get a better value somewhere else. Scammers will take your money no matter what and make outlandish guarantees. I make no guarantees. Luckily the most typical reasons I deny service are not personal and are in your benefit.

  • I feel I can’t connect to you spiritually to do the healing or reading.
    • If I can’t connect to you, I won’t be very accurate.
    • This may be a one-time thing, or permanent.
    • This may be due to personal reasons that I might be having issues connecting to anyone, or our energies may not play well together.
  • Spirit tells me I am not the right practitioner for you.
    • Even though two people do a certain modality they may have a different style. I may be able to do something for you, but maybe someone else’s personality or approach will benefit you more.
    • Different people have different specialties. Even two people who do reiki may have something else in their toolbox that might work better and is not going to me you might find the right person with the tool I don’t have.
  • I honestly don’t feel like paying me will be an effective option for you.
    • This can be for many reasons. Usually, it is a bit of the above reason.
  • I don’t feel like I can meet your expectations or needs.
    • I have my own boundaries and deadlines and if I can’t meet them then it would be better for you to be satisfied elsewhere.
    • We have repeated issues while I work with you that can not be resolved.
  • I don’t know enough about whatever issue you are dealing with
    • You may need a different kind of practitioner with different specialties
  • Energy healing or the methods I use aren’t what you need right now
  • Personal Reasons

Other more negative reasons I may deny you service.

  • You are aggressive, insulting or disrespectful to me. This is at my discretion.
    • This covers the biggest umbrella and has been exhibited unfortunately in many forms.
    • I rarely will make exceptions for people now because they tended to end up with them not appreciating it and trying to get me to make more exceptions or change the exceptions.
  • While I mostly work online, repeatedly being late to in-person services may result in me denying you future services. It is disrespectful to me and other scheduled clients.
  • You fail to pay for a service or product.
  • Insisting, persistently I give you freebies.
  • You revoke payment after service or product is rendered.