Code of Ethics

1) While I advertise my readings as entertainment only, I strive to be honest and compassionate in my readings.

While I do want to be honest, I also try to be compassionate. I really don’t like telling clients that I feel the person they are dating is cheating on them or that they won’t get married, but if applicable to the question I will say so. I try to do so in a compassionate way, and if possible present them information on how to heal the situation or empower themselves. I understand it can be painful enough to hear this information or have issues you are dealing with brought up. It is not a favorite part of my job, but necessary. Please don’t ask questions unless you really want to know the answer. Understand that intuitive services are not always 100% accurate. It is your responsibility to respond appropriately and responsibly to any information received understanding that as it goes with all psychic/intuitive information it may not be entirely as perceived.

2) I will empower clients and not take advantage of them.

If I feel a client is becoming addicted to readings I reserve the right to refuse them service. I also reserve the right to deny service to anyone for any reason. I encourage people to not become dependent on readings because they are only a reading of how the energies are presenting themselves at this time. Some situations are more set into stone than others. Thus even though a reading is accurate at the time, you or others may intentionally or not intentionally change their own future. You are not at the mercy of what is said.

3) Information presented during the reading will remain confidential.

4) If I can’t connect to spirit at all to get an answer for you, I will refund your money.

It is at my discretion if I successfully connected or not and if a refund will be issued. I have had people feel my readings were off only to come back months later saying that it was accurate. Many times people do not want to believe the information they hear if it is not what they want to hear. While I can understand that, I also want to be honest.

I have also found those who are trying to ‘test’ me tend to have more closed down energy and thus are harder or impossible to read accurately. Spirit does not respond well to the practitioner trying to show off or others trying to test it generally.

5) I will not manufacture readings or information.

This is related to what has been said already. At times I can connect to spirit for someone, but they may not get the answers or as much information as they are hoping for. Sometimes we are not meant to know all the details and need to respect that. I do try to get related information that may be helpful, but when spirit says no, it means no.

6) I will take care of myself and do all readings and healings in a calm and centered state to ensure quality.

Please realize that this means occasionally there is more of a delay because of this. I prefer accuracy over speed.

7) All people will be treated with respect regardless of their situation or personal status/attributes.

I have many who come to me asking for information for situations that some may find issues with morally such as situations with infidelity. I will still treat these people with respect. I will turn down anyone asking information regarding anything illegal, however. Parental permission is required for any healings or readings for those who are under 18. In turn, I ask to be respected as well and will disallow service to anyone who engages in inappropriate behaviors.

Disclaimer: I am not a legal or financial professional, health care or mental health professional and do not pretend to be. Nothing I say should take the place of advice from a professional. Please seek professional assistance should you need it. You are responsible for your choices and decisions both in regards to seeking any readings and healings and how you respond to them.  If you become emotionally distressed in response to your reading, seek appropriate support.